Tuesday, August 10, 2010


MyBotanG would like to cordially invite you to the launching of MyBotanG Shoppe *grin*

MyBotanG Shoppe

Thank you for all the support, kind words, comments, suggestions or even just for dropping by to read @MyBotanG. Truly appreciate it!! 

I will start uploading new sale items in the shoppe starting tomorrow onwards. All items will be sent via some friends going back to Malaysia for Eid (expect delivery by end of August/early September). Pin It


rosh said...

wah, ini sudah bagus... congrats & happy fasting!

Zura said...

Great news! Congrats Sue & happy fasting! :)

Haslina said...

Well done, Sue!

Idayu said...


MyBotanG said...

Rosh, Zura, Haslina and Idayu - thank you for the kind words and support.. I'll try my best!! Happy Ramadhan to all of you as well..


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