Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cozy Case

I love this pattern from Keyka Lou (Cell Phone Case). I call it Cozy Case. The PDF pattern includes 2 sizes; big and small. The pictured Cozy Case is of the latter size which could fit the usual smaller sized handphones, whilst the bigger Cozy Case could fit small cameras (DSLR cameras a big NO *grin*) and the bulky type handphones.

At the back, a slot to store name cards, shopping list, gums (anything slim and slender).  

I've used black polka dot fabric for the lining fabric, and I've yet to install a snap button for closure.

Are you wondering of the fabric I've used for the Cozy Case? It is from Alexander Henry's Indochine collection which I can't seem to find online. So here's a picture of my Hippo Hobo that uses the print. 

How are you progressing with your WIPs in this Ramadhan month??
I'm focussing on completing my quilts this month (4 baby quilts and 2 single quilts) and I'm happy to report I've completed 3 baby quilts so far.. *happy*Pin It


Hobby Mummy said...

hi sue..lama dah tak singgah sini, amboi semnagatnya nak siapkan project. Banyak tu!!

Insyaallah sue boleh!!

Zura said...

Love that cozy case! Comel sgt n kain pun cantik :)

color me pretty said...

very cute cozy case ! good luck with your upcoming projects :)


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