Thursday, August 12, 2010

More LECIEN and August projects

It is 2nd day of Ramadhan here in Japan and we are hit by typhoon. Our area has not been badly affected but it has been raining non-stop since last night. On the plus side, it is at least 5 degree cooler than what it has been for many-many weeks now, but the dowside is ruined homes and relocation for many people further South of Japan.. How is your Ramadhan so far??
Both fabrics by LECIEN

My hands are itching to start fiddling with the yummy fabrics since I got back from Malaysia. The Lecien fabrics (more of the yumminess here) is crying out to be turned into a baby quilt but I'm contemplating on the design. Usually I'll make a centre panel (white background fabric) and border (polka dot fabric) (See some of my previous quilts here and here). But since I got my rotary cutter, I'm feling rather adventurous *grin*
But how would you do it??
Would square patchwork look pretty..??? Hope you'd shed some ideas.. *confuse*
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Anonymous said...

you have lots of yummy fabrics!

MyBotanG said...

Jess dear - I'm a fabricholic.. heheheh I just can't resist :D

Beii said...

hope everything's fine over there at Japan! the fabric is yumminess!!!

Anita said...

Hi Sue,

I love LECIEN fabrics. Are these for sale? BTW, i received the panels on tuesday and hv started work on it. TQ so much. Do sell more fabrics & panels in yr shoppe - Congratulations on yr shop :-)

Take care dear.

MyBotanG said...

Beii - the weather is cleared and it is back to being HOT!! :( But we are ok, thank you for your concern :)

Anita - Sadly, these are just for show and tell only.. hehehe
will try to update the shoppe from time to time.. (it is to HOT and STICKY to think straight!!!)


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