Friday, August 27, 2010

Never ending summer and a new bag

I have to admit that I've NOT been productive, I've been dragging my feet around, mopping and sulking and being moody *sigh*

 I blame the HEAT and the HUMIDITY of Kyoto. Note to travellers - NEVER plan to visit Kyoto or surrounding areas in summer, the best time to see Kyoto has to be in Autumn
*atleast that's what I've been told*

Moving on.. I've been toying with this pattern for a while now. It is actually a pattern for a sling bag. However, I've omitted the long sling for my first attempt. So, tadaaaa *grin*
Let me introduce you to _________________ (fill in the blank with a suitable name) *sigh* again a lonely, nameless bag..
any ideas in naming this bag..? 

 Size: 20.5cm (l) x 15cm (h) x 7cm (width all around)

Used fusible interfaced for sturdier shape
1 outside pocket

The bag is rather spacious, I would use it to store all my toiletries while travelling or as a one stop to store all my stationeries - I'm obsessed with stationeries too *roll eyes*
What would you use it for??
The main fabric is by Moda (I have it in blue as well), while for the lining, I've used a similar shade of green polka dot fabric.

What do you think?
I am thinking of trying a quilted version next.. if and only if autumn promises to show...*grin* 
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CathJ said...

lovely.. :)

color me pretty said...

very cute ! ive always love apple green and the polkadots just make me go crazy :)

Anic said...

very nice.. perfect for toiletries while travelling...

asuharAsuE said...

kawaii..fuh nasib baik i p kyoto during autumn.

MamaDaniel said...

cantik... perfect for anything.. nak letak barang baby pun macam cute.. :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

cantik n nampak kemas terutama tang zip tuh... attaching zipper is the toughest things for a beginner level like me

mef*sh said...

I immediately thinking of "Summer Hoot" for the name.OK x ?ehehe.Boley tempah tak?ahax

MyBotanG said...

Thanks for the kind words about the bag ladies.

Nadia - I don't usually go for greens, but this GREEN is very nice.

Anic - travelling case is what i was thinking while working on this case..

Mama Daniel - Baby stuff case would be perfect as well.. powder, diaper rash lotion, ointment, bath gel, etc.. Thx

Asuharasue - when did you come to Kyoto..?? or are you planning to come this autumn?

Mila - attaching zipper was my biggest challenge when i first started.. i use to avoid projects that would require zip :(
But keep on practicing and it will keep getting easier and better..

mef*sh - thx for the name suggestion..will take it into consideration. Boleh tempah - drop me a line if you're really interested. thx

Azaidris said...

Nice!! I loike :)
Tengok pun tahu..mesti berchenta nak turn the bag kan? Sbb interface keras hehehe..

As for the name looks very practical as a travelling case. So i tot nk namakan 'safe journey' in japanese. bila i google..yg keluar is 'Itterasshai'. Betul ke?

Or maybe summer / holiday travel case in japanese? Kyuuka, semua from googling la ni. Tah betul tah

Cuma suka when u name ur bags in japanese ;)

mef*sh said...

Kalau "Summer Hoot" = Natsu Ho-Ho-,hehe.

Safe Journey Pouch = Yoi Tabi Po-chi

Summer travel case = Natsu Ryokou-you Puchi Ke-su
*eh panjang lak,camne nak pendekkan ye...Natsu Puchi ke-su?

Holiday Travel case = Bakansu puchi ke-su
*Yappari daripada Ke-su lg sesuai po-chi kot...saya english kan Holiday ke Bakansu(Vacance),hihi

BTW...tetiba saya menyampuk gomenne cik BotanG.Hajimemashite :) saya ni peminat handmade cik BotanG,ehehe

MyBotanG said...

Naza dear, thank you for the wonderful ideas and mef*sh - hajimemashite.. yoroshiku ne :D love the 'natsu'-ish theme for the case, very appropriate.. should name it CHO-ATSUI - VERY HOT case due to the current weather.. hahahaha

However, I've decided to name it FIT case sempena nama pembeli this sample case..

Truly appreciate the help and the enthusiasm though..

Za said...

Love the green owl motif pouch! So cute!

MyBotanG said...

Za - thank you, the fabric is very sweet indeed, elok plak dpt matchkan with same shade lining.. :D


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