Sunday, August 22, 2010

Petit Pouches

MyBotanG's puchi pouches (puchi = petit; leave it to the Japanese to Japonise everything, it sounds cute though!! hehe)

It is BIG enough for all the 'necessities' (the definition of necessity might differ).
Mine includes compact powder x 2, 2 lipstick shades, 3 eyeliners, mascara, blusher and brush, sanitary pad and a couple of panty liners..
Yet SMALL enough for your handbag *smile*   

You might remember the undies fabric from here.

I'm thinking of a giveaway... happening @ the shoppe till 5th Sept 2010..
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Mama Nuriel said...

comeynya sue....huhuhu

lia said...

puchi pouch..cute je bunyi dia kan?hehe..apapun,pouch tu memang cuteeee sangat!and also the undies fabric.:)

color me pretty said...

cute pouch with a cute name :) i like that undies fabric

Blossom inch said...

I want one!!! please!!!
Hugs, yuzz

Bea said...

I like the undies fabric too.
Puchi sounds so cute...maybe I'll name one of my family's cat puchi :)

MyBotanG said...

Thanks ladies for the kind words *hugs*

Blossom inch - head over to the shoppe to enter the GA.

Lia, Nadiah, Fieda and Bea - the undies faby is really super cute.. sad i cant seem to get hold of more.. *sigh*

Bea - here puchi puchi.. sounds cute for a cat :D

Aida said...

alahai comel nyer. bumped into your blog doing a search. so heather ross far far away 2 is there in Japan? berapa? also ade tak heather ross from lightning bug nyer series?

thank you!

MyBotanG said...

Aida - thanks for stopping by :D i think Heather Ross for KOKKA is from Japan, no?? At the moment I only have the unicorns prints in various colours (double gauze). I haven't seen the lightning bugs and other mysteries anywhere..

Aida said...

a'ah, but i banyak the unicorn print, nak carik yg far far away 2, the rapunzel nyer.


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