Monday, September 20, 2010

Fabric Labels - how to

I stamp my own label for 2 reasons mainly;
1. It is too costly too order fancy labels here in Japan and
2. I love stamping my own labels, it hardly takes more than 10 minutes to stamp, cut and store about 50 labels..

I'd like to show you how I do it..
Here's what you'll need
1. Ink - make sure you have ink suitable for fabrics, I use Versa Craft and so far I have not come across incidents of the ink running or fading with wash or exposure to sun 
2. Tape - decide on the width you need, mine is 12mm
4. Stamp - you can carve it yourself (here) or have it custome made (here) or like me just buy the rubber alphabets, arrange them and paste them on the mounting block.
(You need to make sure that your stamp will fit your tape's width)
5. Start stamping away, leave spaces in-between for cutting, folding and sewing 
Once you have the ammount you need, stop.. admire *grin*
Cut and store - I put mine in a tin box.
Ready for use
There are also some other methods to make your own labels - Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery shows us how here and another similar one could be found here. do you label your work..??
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Princess Closet said...

thank you so much for that. I found the ink at Kino here but then could not find the alphabet blocks. Also not sure if the ink would run. Will try this

Jessica said...

I just love the idea, thanks

Liza Azman said...

Love the idea, I'm still searching method to make my own label...arg, ada 5 kids, susah kemain nak jalan2 cari barang...especially the twill tape...

Liza Azman said...

Hi, nak tau, what kind of tape r u using? Is it a twill tape? How much was it the whole roll? xpensive x if I ask you to buy one for me...I tak tau nak cari kat mana di KL...?

MyBotanG said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies..

I'm wondering if you'd be interested in the set (tape, alphabet stamps, mounting block and ink) if I stock it in the shoppe..?? Let me know kay..

MamaDaniel said...

cik sue.. kalo dalam kemampuan diri ini.. i'll sure grab one.. cepat2 la post kat shoppe ek..

lia said...

bestnyer!!dah ada kat shoppe ke?nak satu set!!

Rosh said...

fabric label buatan sndri.. mmg cun!

MyBotanG said...

morning ladies..
i'm still searching for the stuff over here.. will update once i get the sets ready..

Liana said...

brilliant! haah kak sue..ape kata akak jual set tu kat shoppe akak?
do let me know k..

dottology said...


i came across your blog, while i was doing research on printing my own label. first off i love your blog!!

and your tutorials. tapi, here's the problem that i face...hehehe...the twill tapes yang i jumpa kat sini semenya jarang, so stamping on it will not be a good idea. it's also very hard to get rubber stamp pads yang gunakan ink for fabric...

if you have the stuff at your shop, maybe you can let me know so that i can purchase some of them from you?

thank you! :-)))

MyBotanG said...


i tried looking for your email address, but couldn't find it. I have a set left in the shoppe, drop me a line kay.

Cottonlicious said...

Loveeee it, you make it simple and doable!

dottology said...

salam, it's me again. sorry i've been AWOL. busy dengan raya haji. anyways, here's my email address. thank you sooooo much! :-)))

thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Meyraa - chan said...

akak, saya tgh cari twill tape. akak takda jual ke twill tape? rasanya dkt KL ni mcm susah je nak cari :(
kalau akak tau, let me know boleh? domo~ :)

btw, i love your blog! ^^


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