Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Introducing properly again.. KINOKO Sling by MyBotanG
As I said in the previous post, it took me a long while to get this pattern right, probably bacause this is MyBotanG's first original pattern. I am very happy now that it is done but I tell you it will be a while before I create something from scratch again.

- 2 pockets in front
- 1 pocket at the back
- 1 inside pocket
- flap cover
- snap button for closure
- adjustable handle length

body - 27.5cm x 21.5cm with 5cm width all around
max length of handle: 122cm

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a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Sue .. so sweet lah yg "biru ada bunga rose ada white polka dot with blue back ground"(hahaha since u didnt name them)

I want .. reserve for me please email me the price !!!

Sweetlilcraft said...

cantikkk!!well done sue :)

MyBotanG said...

Ann dearie - very descriptive indeed..:D I'm selling them for RM70 each. You can see more pics on my FB. Sadly, the one you like has been taken. will make more and update soon. Thanks for your interest.

Ayu - Thank you *ber-bunger hati*

Bea said...

Really nice lah sue! I like the one with matryoshka doll fabric & luv the straps too. You must be spending quite some time to sew those many bags.

Liza A. said...

Wow, sweet, I was planning to make this kind of design for my shop, aww...nooooo! Nevermind, I can always create new design :) I'm soooo envyyyyy you with your choice of fabrics and materials to make bags!!! Lucky you! All and all, very nice. Make measurement atas kadbod, next time nak buat beg tak tayah nak ukur2 dah, trus trace atas fabrik.

Fith said...

cantik sgt2,suka laa tgk jahitan2 kak sue!keep it up!!!

Zura said...

Cantiknya!! Geram tengok, all sooo purty!! Btw, the Kokka fabrics dah sampai Sue I am SO in LOVE!! Girly abess print dia, suka! Thanks Sue! :)

Mama Nuriel said...

yang kuning tu look simple....and nice...cukup ya untuk isi yang banyak...

Anita said...

hi Sue! They're lovely!! Congrats on yr first design.

MyBotanG said...

Thank you for the supporting and motivating words.. *rasa berkobar-2 nak jahit lagi* :D

Bea - I love the vibrant colours of the matryoshka dolls but i feel the dolls are too big for the flap.. it did take me a while to complete the set.. I worked at a snail pace, not wanting to overdo and abandon the projects..

Liza - Thank you.. as for the pattern org jepun kata 'atarimai'- x yah ckp dah..mmg sah-2 kena buat template.. *wink*

MyBotanG said...

Fith - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :D

Zura - thank you, and glad the fabrics has arrived and that you approve.

Mama Nuriel - the yellow one was my first attempt.. simple and nice, as you said.

Anita - Thank you darling..

Pegs said...

these are gorgeous and handy. looks very sturdy too ... ;)
makes me feel like making one too!

Barami-Chan said...

wow... i dah jatuh cinta disini dan di semua u punya craft.. pusing dr tadi (roling eyes)

MyBotanG said...

Sorry I didn't notice your comments Pegs and Barami-Chan.

Pegs - thank you, they are quite sturdy, I think handmade items are studier and long lasting as compared to mass produced items.. *wink*

Barami-Chan - thank you - thank you.. baik-2 pusing nanti pening.. hehehe :)


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