Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Polypro Webbing Strapping

Sounds like my hubby's chemical stuff or something.. yucks!!
Well minus the name, they are actually very useful and with a bit of an attitude and some bling-bling, they can be rather dashing..
What am I talking about..??
Polypropylene webbing
works with buckle, slides, hooks and other fasteners
suitable for sports bags, purses, cases, belts, leashes, collars, backpacks, suitacases and straps

So far, I've used them in my KINOKO Slings and on a wristlet

How to do it..??
1. Match your strap with ribbons or lace
2. Pin them in place
Did you know you could sew over these pins (as in pic)??
(But make sure they are attached width-wise) 
3. Use matching threads and sew
4. Tadaaaaaaaa... how easy is that..? *grin*

I just got the webbing straping in 3 colourways - pink, beidge and dark blue (as in pic above). Would you be interested in them if I list them in the shoppe?? Pin It


Mama Nuriel said... about the price?

Liza A. said...

Hey, nice ribbons you got there. Envy you more and more.... :)

MamaDaniel said...

very creative.. tak pernah terpikir pun nak buat camtu.. hehe.. (macam la saya ni gheti jahit beg.. hehe..)

MyBotanG said...

mama Nuriel - nnt I figure it out first kay..

Liza - No need to envy laa.. not good for the heart..:D the ribbons mostly bought from kedai nyonya biasa yg jual benang and jahit tepi..

Mama Daniel - you can apply if for any other kind of straps as well, not limited to bags aje.. give it a try.. it gives the straps a new fun look..

Hobby Mummy said...

sue this is wonderful!! thanks for sharing :D

mamamuhammad said...

hi..may i know the price for polypro webbing straps?


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