Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pockets Oh! Pockets..

Do you love sewing pockets?
I didn't realise how much I did, until I worked on these..
No.. it's not an oversize sewing machine cover.. *grin*
It's actually a fridge cover commisioned by a friend.
It is quilted (as you can see) with two quilted bellows pockets.
I only have made bellows pockets for my odekake bags, but while working on the fridge cover, I thought bellows pockets would be more appropriate as it will be roomier.

View from the top
quilted and lined bellows pocket
View from the side
It's amazing how much I have learned while working on this project.
  • I know now quilted version of everything is much cuter *smile*
  • You can apply the technique you've learnt to make something new i.e - one side bellows
  • It is not easy to attach bias tape around bellows pockets

Made any pockets recently?? 
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Liza Azman said...

sweet cover, was it difficult to do quilt? i just love bellows pockets thanks to you...! But really time consuming ya? But the result is simply delicious!!

NYKOLETT said...

Oh yes,expendable pockets are a real beauty..they are just sweet to look at...l love sewing them on to my quilted all purpose organizer.


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