Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Look for baby quilt

I'm excited to report that all 4 baby quilts are done *grin*
(If you are lost, I made plan to focus on quilting projects in August here - 4 baby quilts and 2 single size quilts)
I made 2 baby quilts using similar panel, the only difference is the NAME EMBROIDERY.. After procastinating long enough, I'm happy to report that I'm confident enough to use the embroidery function on my Janome Super Secio PC (the page is in Japanese) machine to personalise bags and quilts *relieve*
I still have a lot to learn about the embroidery function like adjusting size, colour and the position. I worry about thread breaking mid-way the embroiderring process.. how do I go back to redo?? *aarrrggghhh*

The view of the back, I used Moda fabric in cream.
Bias binding in lime polka dot. (Make your own tape here
Hope you have had a productive week so far..
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Zura said...

Oooh those baby animals are just too cute!! Comel nya geram tengok!

MyBotanG said...

'BULAT' said Sofea.. for her anything bulat is cute.. and i agree.. :D

time to enjoy said...

i love it so much

MyBotanG said...

thank you.. :)


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