Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lace Flower - How To

Some afternoons I just don't feel like doing anything serious
On afternoons like those, I rummage through my lace box..
I find lace remnants from projects or vintage laces inherited from my mom..
and I make Lace Flowers.
They are very easy to make and it can be a mother daughter/son activities.

1. Get your sewing kit out
2. Sew a straight line around the length of your lace (I never measure stuff like this.. just go with the flow, you can always cut the excess later) 
3. Pull the thread slowly as to scrunch the lace to form a tight ball.
4. When you are happy with the amount of ruffles, remove excess if any.
5. Choose a cute button from your stash and sew (as in  pic 1 above) 
Have you girl/boy help you by picking out buttons, or if they're older (mine is 8), she can create her own lace flower. Sofea made hers from some pink lace and glued it to her hair pin (not in pic)
Use your lace flowers to embellish bags or hats
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Liza A. said...

Banyaknye your laces!!! NIce tutorial. Selalu bila malas nak menjahit beg, I suka buat baju pula haha. Sebenarnya bila mengadap benda yg sama, cepat sangat bored, pun juga bila gunakan warna fabrik yg sama...just tukar selera menjahit benda lain, baru ada mood sikit...apa2 pun mesti menjahit juga :)

P/S: Your daughter same age dengan mine :) Sure dia dah fluent cakap jepun...kan?

Azaidris said...

oh! so lovely!!! So much easier than making yo-yo flowers. Finally i have a reason to stock on laces. Biasa dok tgk je..tapi tak beli pun. Btw, kalau yg stretchy type boleh tak? Penah cuba? Kot la..easier to gather ke? hehe..

Mama Nuriel said...

hehehe....saya pun selalu buat ni di hari malas....cepat siap...selalunya saya buat brooch dan kenakan dengan tudung macam dalam entry saya ni..hehehe:

stretchy type? rasanya tak menambah mudah kot, kan sue...sebab nanti dia tak boleh nak kembang dengan sempurna...menguncup rasanya kot....

MyBotanG said...

Liza - Btul..btul..while working on something (quilt, bags, etc) I need a side project.. bende yg simple and siap cepat.. looking at the same thing for a long period mmg jemu.. bestnyer you bley jahit baju.. i really takut nak cuba.. naper ek..?
Same age ek our girls..What is she called?? Is she your eldest..? Sofea's Japanese is better than her English or Malay.. but easier for me as st times bende yg i x paham senang i refer kat dia.. :D

MyBotanG said...

Naza - you can even try it with cotton, either kain tu hem kat belah bawah or lipat dua.. then follow the same steps.. i think it will work with felt as well.. as for the stretchy type of lace seriously i have no idea.. why dont you give it a try and let us know how it turned out..

Mama Nuriel - saw the entry on the brooch.. so sweet... creative and different, definitely..

Jessica said...

like it, I will try them with my girl soon.

Hobby Mummy said...

cute flowers! lovely! ...and easy!

Sue.. just want to share with u cute flower from scrap fabric.

Mama Nuriel said...

sue...saya ada buat new entry pasal guna semula baju...try la buat juga... guna baju yang dah tak muat untuk kita...hehehehe...bagi anak pula..hehehe

MyBotanG said...

Jes - I'm sure Amanda would love it..

Hobby Mummy - thank you for the link - such wonderful vibrant colours.. and easy to follow tute by Heather Bailey.. cheers!!!

Mama Nuriel - LOVE refashioning, and Nuriel's dress is soo cute and superbly done.. now my hands are itchy to try some refashioning as well.. hehehhe thanks for the inspirations!!


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