Monday, October 25, 2010

Eraser Carving

We didn't have any plans for the weekend. Hubby just got back from a conference, and the weather was not very cheerful. So we decided to stay in. However, with an 8 year old in the house we couldn't just sit and do nothing (which is what hubby and I would have preferred) *sigh*
So, we did some amateur eraser carving.. well Sofea did most of the carving actually, I was just there to make sure she didn't cut herself and fussing over the tremendous amount of mess she was making... *grin* 
I'd have to say, she is quite a determined child, though she made quite a number of mistakes, and at one point was at the verge of tears, she didn't give up. She continued until she was happy with the result of her work
Her completed pieces included buta-face (piggy face) and two hearts. They turned out quite nice for her first attempt. 

It is an interesting activity you can do with your older kids. All you need are:
1. A block of eraser (special for carving projects) (1st pic)
2. Carving tool (3rd pic)
3. Ink (2nd pic)

For professional eraser carving, feel free to visit: 
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Cheryl Leong said...
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Cheryl Leong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cheryl Leong said...

i am very interested in eraser carving
but i dont know where to get the specialised erasers
could you tell me where to get them?

MyBotanG said...

thanks for dropping by, I get my erasers from Japan. I can get them for you if you want.. RM7 each

Solehah Muhammad said...

Hi,can u get for me a set of Eraser Carving kit? Thanks. So hard find it at malaysia..

MyBotanG said...

hi, what do you need exactly..? ink, carving tool, eraser..?

Solehah Muhammad said...

the carving tool n eraser. can u?


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