Friday, October 22, 2010


My House quilt is finally completed after a year *roll eyes*
I started working on it before the ABC quilt and truck quilt. It was supposed to be a practice quilt, where I test the different technique i.e. applique, free motion quilting, patchwork, basting and binding.  
However, since then, I have completed 2 big quilts and various baby quilts and wall hangings and yet the practice quilt sat there in the corner of my sewing room unfinished.. haunting me *sigh*
About a month ago, I kind of lost my MOJO.. I tossed and turned and ended up rearranging my sewing studio. I unearthed the unfinished house quilt and immediately started working on it.

The house quilt consists of 6 applique blocks each containing a house. I used fabric remnants and didn't really think about coordination and match for the quilt as a whole (I made the top a year ago, when I first started sewing seriously and didn't know about KOKKA or LECEIN) 
I didn't use batting for this quilt, but instead backed it with a towel type material (I don't know the proper term for this type of fabric). It is very warm and heavy thus making quilting difficult. I have muscled arms after I finished quilting this piece *grin*
The binding is simple and straightforward. I used green plaid fabric in my stash with one part of polka dotted fabric for the binding. 

Any UFOs in your closet..??? 

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MamaDaniel said...

cantik nyer..
practice quilt sebesar ini?
saya practice kat pillow case jer.. ehehe... tak berani nak buat besar2..
**UFO saya? tak berani nak list down.. takut demotivated to start a new one.. hahaha.. wink wink**

Zara said...

Yes, vay cantik. UFOs in our closet? Please don't get us started on that one.


Happy weekend!

Bea said...

Really nice work. Ada close up pic of the house tak? I got so many UFOs in my closet too...sampai X boleh tutup pintunye :)

Nuno Lady said...

sue any takers of this quilt?...
macam terliur laa...

MyBotanG said...

Mama Daniel - tu la, ambitious kan.. should have started small.. but I always get ahead of myself.. uhuhuhu

Zara - thank you.. hope you had a good one too..

Bea - you can click to enlarge and zoom in.. that's the closest i dare to capture.. ;P

Nuno Lady @ Fit - It has already taken its place on my sofa.. :D

Suzie said...

Suka sangat nak baca pasal quilt ,saya baru nak jinak-jinak and tak berani nak buat yang big-big thing tapi rasanya kita kena selalu try,try try and try again kan ...hope bila baca cerita u i temotivate sikit ...hahahah

MyBotanG said...

Suzie dear, it is always good to start small.. try quilted place mats.. i hand sewn 4 place mats before venturing into bigger quilts and wall hanging and purchasing a sewing machine..

plus a small project, cepat siap and adds on to the motivation. other quilting or patch project you can try are coasters and pot holders.. all the best.. keep us posted on your projects..


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