Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Handkerchief with gauze backing - How To

Do you have one in your pocket? or in your handbag?
Do you lay out handkerchief for your husband or with your children's school uniform?
In Japan, everyone carries at least one if not more, it is part of their culture.
I LOVE handkerchief!!! My handkerchief drawer is as big as my undies drawers *grin* Thought I'd share a simple how to - making your own handkerchief with a gauze backing

You'll need:
Gauze fabrics - I have a lot of fabric baby nappies (rescued from somewhere)
Fabric for the top (FE size would suffice)
Sample hanky (to measure for size)
1. Use the sample hanky to cut your gauze fabric
(I am using 2 pieces of gauze fabric for extra absorption)
2. Repeat the same process as number 1 with the top fabric
(cut 1)
3. Line the main and gauze fabrics with the right side facing and secure with pins
(don't worry if the sides don't meet)
4. Sew all around leaving space for turning
5. Cut excess fabric and snip corners
6. Turn, press and edge-stitch all around
And you are done..

For more refashion ideas:
How's your week looking so far..??
Mine is bleak and painful... I'm down with flu.. *cough-cough*

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Jessica said...

great tutorial. I am going to make some for myself.

Jessica said...

great tutorial. I am going to make some for myself.

Anonymous said...

agree! when i returned from japan , it became a habit,mesti nak hanky everywhere. org kat office mula macam pelik haha.
especially dah ada baby, its very handy to have one in the bag. hehe

Mama Nuriel said...

masa nuriel kecik...mana2 pun bawa...siap tuala Good Morning pun bawa juga....bila Nuriel dah besar, dia bawa dan tinggal...macam dah surut dah stok...huhuhu...kena try juga lah...:)

MamaDaniel said...

cute.. great tutorial.. :)
saya pun tgh selsema nih.. hehe.. ;)

Bea said...

Nice tute:)My mom & dad memang bawak hanky everywhere too.Have a good rest & hope u get well soon.

MyBotanG said...

Jess - Thx for the double comment :D *can't wait to see your handmade hanky*

dailyclicksclicks - thank you for stopping by.. i love reading about your travels and sotries bout your lil girl.. and you are very creative and talented.. hope we can chare crafting ideas :D
*zannen x de follow button kat ur blog.. add laaa...*

MyBotanG said...

Mama Nuriel - cant wait to see youe version of the hanky..

Mama Daniel - thank you.. get well soon... *cough-cough* :D

Bea - So chomel la your parents.. :D thank you.. will make sure i feel better by this weekend, as we are going grape hunting.. heheh :D

Zura said...

Nice tute! I only used funky looking face towels so far must try this huhu..I'm down with flu too! Runny nose and sneezing + squeaky voice huhu...get well soon Sue! :)

Hobby Mummy said...

Such a simple n cute idea!!

Take care Sue :)

d u r a said...

I've never made a hankerchief before... lampin baby ada banyak tak pakai kat rumah. can't wait to try one. thanks for the tutorial & get well soon Sue!


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