Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A room with a view a.k.a my sewing studio

It is not much, but this is where I spend most of my times these days
Every now and then I will look up to clear skies and white fluffy clouds
The weather is changing and the temperature is dropping fast 
(though sunny, it is 15 degree max today) 
Autumn is here *grin*

While we are in my humble sewing room let me show you another corner...
Now you see it....
Tadaaaa.. the mess is gone *grin*
I love this build in wall cabinet.. 

OK, maybe just one more.. 
The wall of progress
I have completed few more Kinoko Slings
I am working on a wall hanging 
Few blocks of log cabins waiting to be turned into something

There's no picture of the floor mainly because I tidied up the table top and threw everything on the floor for the photo shoot *roll eyes*
It is also full of threads and small fabric pieces.. maybe I should join Tini Hani's Jom Jahit and make a trim catcher for myself and safe me the headache of vacuuming every other day..    

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Kak Zai said...

The built in wall cabinet is cool..which I have one like that to hide the mess.. he he

SCLover said...

nice kalau dapat menjahit dalam @ studio...everything organized kat dalam tu aje...huhuhu... kita pulak menjahit kat penjuru aje...pantang terleka alatan, pasti kena pinjam dek anak2..

Rozi Rahman said...

nice studio. My sewing room is on loan until Arwen is big enough to claim her room... Nanti I kena cari corner yg tak penuh dgn toys anak2 pulak..

Hema said...

cute little sewing room..mine still under arrangement..

MyBotanG said...

I too started with a small corner in the living room before moving to a 4.5 square meters room (Japanese 3jo), But since we moved to Kyoto, I got a bigger room (9 square meters = Japanese 6jo)

It doesn't matter where you create.. :D (but it doesn't hurt to have a big, pink sewing studio stashed from wall to ceiling with all the yummy designer fabrics... *sigh* a girl can dream...)

Mama Nuriel said...

bestnya ada sewing room dok menempek je di hall kat umah..... (isk3...berusaha untuk bilik sendiri....)

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

sweet and neat .... mcm jauh langit dgn bumi ..if compared with my sewing room now ... haha


Jessica said...

wow, can you do sewing in front of TV?

MyBotanG said...

Mama Nuriel - nnt dah ada bilik berkarya sendri, jgn lupa tunjuk kat kami iyer..

Ann, this is calm before the storm moment.. or in between storms.. hehehe

Jess - I need some noise in the background, usually it's the radio, but after school, Sofea usually joins me in here, doing homework or watching TV..

Hanizah said...

saya pn mula2 dulu menjahit diruang mkn keluarga..pas tu bila mesin bertambah n tmpahan pn mula byk,akhirnya terpaksa sewa sebuah rumah berdekatan dgn rumah sndiri utk dijadikan tmpat saya menjahit yg saya panggil "rumah jahit",rumah pn x le messy sgt dgn benang dan debu kain..dan yg pntingnya,masih boleh berulang alik kerumah sndiri x smpai 5 min perjlnan..

MyBotanG said...

Hanizah - thanks for stopping by and commenting.. wow!!! a whole house just for sewing.. how wonderful..!!!


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