Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adding length to kids' jeans - How to

Signs of autumn is visible around us, leaves changing colours, air cooler and daytime shorter. Change of season means change of wardrobe. It's time to bring out the winter clothings - long sleeves, long pants, coats and sweaters. However, it is also kind of a stressful time for me, mainly because many of Sofea's clothes seemed to have shrunk this time around..

However, instead of chucking them all out and buying new clothes, I've decided to refashion them, as most of them are still in very good condition. As my first project, I've added length to Sofea's old jeans (few summers ago, I added ruffles to Sofea's jeans here).

Here's how I do it
I'm using the black jeans as my guide for the length I aim to achieve

Measure the length you'll need to add, 
don't forget to add seam allowance

Cut the legs of the jeans below the knee

1 FE is enough (with some extra) for a pair of jeans
Cut the width you require

Sew a loop, it has to be the same size as the opening of the jeans

With right side facing, pin the fabric loop to the jeans

Sew all around
(To avoid fray, use a zigzag or other similar stitch) 

Open, repeat with the other leg
Now, we are going to attach the lower part of the jeans to the fabric

With the right side facing, pin the lower part of the jeans (the cut part) to the fabric

Sew all around and repeat with the the other leg

As you can see, the blue jeans on the left is now about the same length as the black jeans
I've also used the balance fabric from the FE and applique in onto the jeans 

I've used some Kitty fabric remnants for the other blue jeans

Hopefully the jeans would last her another year.. *grin* 

Any refashion ideas you'd like to share..?? 

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Anic said...

this is clever and the outcome is very nice too... :)

lia said...

wah..kreatifnya..nampak mcm seluar jeans baru pulak...

Mila@Rimbun said...

wow.. cantiknya.. new look.

Anonymous said...

i really envy you (@.@)

Nuno Lady said...

cool!! love the idea.. selagi tak berubah diameter sofea.. keep on refashion sue..!!

p/s to produce a new jeans we consume lot of energy to process the cotton.. So save the world by refasioning!!! Here I award you as an earth lover.. *peace*

MyBotanG said...

Anic, Lia and Mila - thank you.. it does give the old jeans a new look and personality..

Ju dearest - thank you for stopping by.. and err thank you.. i guess :D

Fit @Nuno Lady - tu la selagi kat mengembang sideways, bleh keep on adjusting length :D maybe in summer I'll chop if off and add ruffles or lace and turn them into Capri.. and thank you for the award.. *hugs*

Zaira said...

Great idea...Ringgit saver or should I say Yen :)
Too bad all my children are too 'old' to wear this type of altered jeans.

MyBotanG said...

K.Zai - Thank you for leaving a comment.. it is definitely YEN saving method.. :D

Ajzie said...

so cute and good idea la......

Intan Safiah said...

waahh!! so nice..i can try this on my daughter's jeans as well...

MyBotanG said...

Ajzie - thank you.. do give it a try..

Randomcraft - thank you, do give it a try.. your girls will be wearing one of a kind jeans.. :)


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