Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Refashion Tuesday

After the success of lengthening Sofea's jeans (here), I decided to try to refashion a top for her. I've kept all of her shirts since we came to Japan (which is not a good idea as Japanese houses don't hide clutters well..) 

Sofea in her 'new' top and miss piggy face.
p/s - she specifically instructed me not to include her face in the pic..
but well what are mothers for, if not to embarrass you in public.. *grin* 
First you'll need to identify the problematic areas. For this project, I needed to add length to the shirt and expand the sides. I've used 3 old shirts to create this new look.. 

Here is the How to
1. Use the seam ripper, or small thread scissors to rip open the seams (on the sides, the hem at the bottom and sleeves)

2. I used strips from a second shirt (yellow to match the middle yellow part on the main shirt) to add length to the main shirt. Sew with right sides facing. 

3. As Sofea is a big fan of ruffles, I decided to add few layers of ruffles on the front of the shirt.
4. Cut strips - about 4-5cm in width, length - maybe double the length of the shirt depending on how much ruffles you want.

5. I used my rolled hem foot to hem one part of the ruffles (you don't have to if you are using knit fabric, but I love the effect the rolled hem creates - adds to the ruffles)

6. Straight stitch the top of the ruffles, remember not to back stitch.
7. Pull the thread and adjust the ruffles

8. Sew the ruffles onto the fabric, making adjustment where needed

9. I used strips taken from a third t-shirt (white in colour) to add to the sides of the main shirt.
10. Measure the width you need and sew with right sides facing 

11. I originally wanted to add long sleeves to this shirt, but decided against it and just hemmed the sleeves. 
*I would hem the sleeves with matching bias tape next time - It gives a more professional finish to the whole shirt*

. And you are done.. put it on the child and ask them to prance around.. Though she is making faces, Sofea really loves the 'new' look, better than the original version *grin* 

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Idayu said...

hahaha jahatnyer mommy, sian tgk muka sofea yg mcm x siap tuh...

anyway, cute jek bj tuh..mcm baru. nice one!

Mama Nuriel said...

hehehehe....mesti sofea....sila minta royalti kat mama nanti erk.....:).. good job sue...save the earth...guna semula barang anda....hehehe

d u r a said...

cuteness! i love ruffles. kena korek baju lama-lama lepas ni :)

MyBotanG said...

thank you ladies for the comments.. :D


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