Monday, November 15, 2010

Autumn Collage

We had a rather uneventful and quiet weekend. However, we did go out for evening walks where Sofea got to gather some colourful leaves for her collage. It's a simple activity you can do with your little ones and it keep them occupied for several hours. 

You can make the activity simple for younger kids by asking them to paste the leaves according to colours etc. For older kids you can make the activity more elaborate like ask them to picture the leaves as something else i.e butterfly, tree, etc. It is better if you make your own collage as well alongside your kids, as it keeps them motivated. 

 It is not cold in the apt. but she insists  on wearing her Kitty snow cap indoors
Sofea's completed collage
How was your weekend? 

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Izyan Nadiah said...

canteknye tempat nieeee

MamaDaniel said...

pandainya sofea wat collage.. like mother like dotter nih.. both are creative ladies@girls! hehe..

nice scenery la cik sue.. mcm dalam filem plak.. ngeee... :)

MyBotanG said...

Izyan Nadiah - Memang cantik time autumn :D

Mama Daniel - Kena ada activity Sofea tu, if not sibuk kacau suruh kita main ngan dia.. uhuhuh
Autumn is really beautiful in Kyoto.. and our housing area byk plak pokok-2 colouful.. :D

Rosh said...

love to see d colourful leaves. cantik collage tu. love it too.

Zara said...

Thank you for the lovely fall pictures - so tranquil.

You have a beautiful daughter - and it's easy to see where she gets her creative side from :-)


MyBotanG said...

Rosh and Zara - I recommend Autumn if you ever plan to travel to Japan..

Zara - thank you :) *hugs*

Zura said...

Cantiknya fall....I love the deep, rustic colors...I wish Malaysia has Fall and Spring, but not Winter hehe..boleh camtu nak Malaysia jadi negara tiga musim hehe

BoeyJoey said...

what a beautiful piece of work... good job. i love the butterflies especially :-).

hey sue, i forgot to thank you for the patchwork pieces you included into the package. thanks :-).

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