Saturday, November 13, 2010

Card Holder revisited

I finally managed to take pictures of the card holders, edit and upload them. (blogged here)
I've made some improvements to this batch of card holders and added hand sewn embellishments. 

I have maintained the original features of the card holders; 2 card compartments + 1 zippered compartment, size: 12cm x 9cm

Instead of snap button for closure, I've used magnetic snap button for this batch. They look better but more difficult to sew around them

In addition I hand sew the label with red floss instead of my usual method (machine sew). If you have noticed I've made a new label as well (BotanG'z). I was trying out my DIY label set, and came up with this. Both labels (MyBotanG and BotanG'z) are active and will be in use *grin*

Coming back to my improved card holders, I've also added few embellishments; decorative button and decorative cotton label

This is the only one with a Japanese motif - geisha girls
 What do you think?
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Cottonlicious said...

I love the colours!
you're someone really inspired;))

Rosh said...

wah, all are beautiful. so inspiring. btw... made my first trim catcher using the scraps from your shoppe. have a look..

MyBotanG said...

Emy from Cottonlicious - thank you for stopping by.. :D

Rosh - thank you, saw the trim catcher, good job Rosh!! glad to see the scraps fully utilized.

Rosh said...

another project coming...

Zara said...


These are lovely. I'm tempted to try them out myself, but alas I know I won't get far. You wouldn't happen to sell them, would you?

Hope its not too late to wish you a blessed Eid Adha.

MyBotanG said...

Rosh - can't wait to see what you make next..

Zara - hiya, I do sell them, at the moment only on my FB page.. e-mail me for details if you are interested.
Hope you had a good Eid as well..

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