Thursday, November 25, 2010

Patch ready fabrics

As much as I enjoy patchwork projects, there comes a time when you need a patchwork project without the hassle or the work (lazy me!!). 

Let me introduce you to a couple of patch-ready-fabrics in my stash 
*note - doing patchwork from scratch is a rewarding process, 
please do not give up on it all together*  

1. Type - Japanese cotton (soft)
Cowboys/girls print
The colour combo (brown, pink and yellow) easily makes this print unisex

All you have to do is quilt along the lines to get the patch effect
Alternative - Combine the larger squares with thicker white borders and use the smaller rows of cowboys either for thinner second border or as the binding 

2. Type - LECIEN fabric (left) Japanese cotton (right)
The colour combo (brown, pink) combined with cute prints on both fabrics would make a lovely quilt for a little girl

Use the fabric on the right as centre panel and add LECIEN fabric on the left as the border, quilt the squares to get the patch effect
Alternative - Cut big squares (from 4 small squares in the LECEIN fabric), measure and do the same with the Japanese cotton fabric, patch and quilt (you get to save time as you do not have to patch each smaller squares but end up with the same effect) 

Do you have other time saving techniques that you use??

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Mila@Rimbun said...

beautiful result with lesser effort.. that is efficient or effective ha? poor mind.. cant remember it well.

as for myself.. I would rather patching than quilting. Patching bole siap in one or 2 days, but quilting.. can takes longer than a month.. apa taknya, dok dlm bakul UFO... peram dulu.

NYKOLETT said...

I love anything patch related.Very
therapeutic for me and dapat clear some of my 2 in one lah...

Jessica said...

I have collected quite a numbers of patch work fabric.

Jessica said...

Sue, are you back in Japan now? I wanted to make a cheong-sam by using Japanese cotton, big sakura flowers. Do you think you can source for me?

Rosh said...

cantek but can't shop fabric anymore... budget lari.. btw, i've received d scraps a few days ago. Baru je ambik d pej... hehehe...

MyBotanG said...

Mila - I know what you mean abt project peram memeram nie.. hehehe nak quilt ni kena ada feel br bley laju.. hehehe (i have 2 quilts nak kena quilt.. uwaaaaaaaaaa)

NYKOLETT - i love seeing your projects.. wish i can be more disciplined.. this cold weather is making it impossible to stay focussed on anything (alasan semata.. uhuhuh)

MyBotanG said...

Jess - i know what you mean.. I have a bundle of them.. they are so yumm!!! :)
As for the sakura printed japanese cotton, do you have any preference as to the colour, how much do you want (1m,etc)?

Rosh - glad the package has arrived.. do keep us posted on your projects kay..

Kak Ani said...

salam sue,
2 pink fabby tu tak jual ke, berapa per meter ?
sweet la....

MyBotanG said...

Sorry kak, but they are not for sale..

anna said...

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