Monday, November 8, 2010

Undies take II

Monday shouldn't start before noon, especially when Monday decides to be all gloomy and moody.. *yawn* 
Our weekend was relaxing. Since Saturday was sunny and bright, we went for a picnic in Osaka Banpakku Commemorative Park. Such a HUGE space with lots of activities going on on that day (bazaar, stalls, shows) 

What with the title (Undies take II), I hear you ask... 
Well, I found something similar to the original undies fabric I posted awhile back. 
It is less revealing and more modest *grin* with pale pink in the background. I am yet to cut into it but for the moment it is sitting there on the shelf looking all pretty..hehehehe 

How was your weekend..? My fellow Malaysians had a long 3 day weekend, right? What did you do..? Pin It


Shaz Clozet said...

Lucky la Sue bleh jln2 tempat best, sini kerap hujan 2-3 days, so Sha duk umah je n went to collect customer early nite jln2 naik moto dgn hubby n 5m old son area kwsn rumah..that's all hehe

MyBotanG said...

It was raining here too last week.. but alhamdulillah the weather has been better these past few days..
whatever we do or don't do, as long as we are together with our loved ones, I consider that the best.. :D

Rafidah Ahmad said...

setuju with you....cuti 3 hari baru ni..masak,tido, crochet heheheh

MyBotanG said...

Rafidah - thanks.. hope you had a relaxing weekend.. rejuvenated and ready to face the challenges of the new week :)


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