Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alphabet wall hanging

The alphabets are taken from the Love You fabric by Deb Strain for Moda. You might remember the alphabet cards I made awhile back using the same fabric.

Not so long ago, a friend of mine (who also commissioned me to make the Alphabet Quilt) requested an alphabet wall hanging for her son's room. I procrastinated long enough, and finally decided it was time to get on with the project. Using the idea from my previous wall hanging, I came up with what you see above. I arranged the alphabets in rows of threes and embroidered Matthew's name. I use the same fabric (yellow twirls)  for the borders, loops and backing. It didn't take up much time as I had anticipated earlier. 

I have just one more alphabets set and I am planning to make another similar wall hanging. However, the yellow twirl fabric is out of stock, so I would have to find another fabric that would work well with the set.. 
What colour would you recommend?
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MamaDaniel said...

turqoise? ok tak ek?
haha.. entah la..skrg ni nmpk kaler light turqoise mcm cantik la plak... ngeee :D

Nini D.. said...

uish...cantiknye?...kalo tempah,..sis amik rm berapa nih?..anak saya br pandai sebut ABC...
emm..suggestion saya..kaler hijau...cun abes!

MyBotanG said...

Mama Danial - I understand how you feel about turquoise.. I had the same obsession with that colour earlier this year.. hehehehe :D

Nini D - thanks for stopping by, green would work perfectly.. will try to rummage through my stash.. the alphabet wall hanging with the name embroidery (max 7 letters) is RM100

Azaidris said...

Red would be nice too :).
Bold & daring. U have worked with green kan?
Red is also good for babies eyes. The contrast helps to stimulates their vision.

m|sa said...

combination of green will be nice!

IMAN said...

no cantik wallhanging ni..
boleh tiru idea?

Shaz Clozet said...

something purple perhaps?

MyBotanG said...

thank you for the colour suggestions ya'll..

Naza - yup, I've worked with green on this panel, also with red and brown..

Misa - i agree!!

IMAN - jangan la tiru.. but be inspired, it's better as you'll be able to produce something that is you and not others in your art.. all the best!!

Shaz - purple!!! there's a shade I've not considered before.. will see if i have that colour in my stash..

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