Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My current obsession

I'm currently finishing up these little lovelies.. 
The weather change is making me dormant where I just want to lie still in one place all curled up under a blanket.. *sigh*

Activities like embroidery, knitting and cross-stitching are most conducive at times like this. It made me revisit some old projects (read more here and here). What have you been up to..? 

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Mama Nuriel said...

rajinnya...cute pula tu....:)

MamaDaniel said...

comey lotey semuanya cik sue..suka...

**sekarang ni saya sibuk belajar jahit zip... ngeeee... :D wish me luck!

Shaz Clozet said...

Xnak jual ke? cute la :)

color me pretty said...

sue , its been raining alot here in taiping , so its a great time to just spend time at home and finish up all the un-finished stuff :)

MyBotanG said...

thanks for the comments ladies..

Mama Nuriel - ada angin rajin nyer tu.. :)

Mama Daniel - thank you.. how's the zip lesson coming along.. i'm sure you are doing well.. lepas ni bley la tengok more projects with zipper from you..

Shaz Closet - they are for sale.. I need to take better shots of them.. nnt i upload..

Nadiah - owhh.. hujan ek.. good chance to get to all the WIPs and UFOs.. all the best!!

Shaz Clozet said...

jual dkt i la..kalau available nak beli hehe


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