Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 down 3 more to go

I managed to finish another quilt recently. Like everything else in life - practice DOES make perfect.. quilting is no exception. When I started quilting my first wall hanging, my anxiety level was very high, I was very nervous and fretted over small stuff (read about my first wall hanging here). The alphabet quilt was a real challenge too, as it was my first attempt at free-motion quilting, learning the pattern and being able to manouver the needle took a lot of getting used to (read more here). 

The truck quilt was easier in comparison, the fabric (see the fabric here) was already pretty and I decided to use simple patchwork stitch around the blocks. This enhanced each block and I can already picture my friend and her son (my old college friend commisioned the quilt for her 3 year old boy) having loads of fun conversation about them.  

The back view of the quilt. I used plain white cotton for the back.

 I made a thinner binding for this quilt as I thought it looked better that way *giggle*. I used the same patchwork stitch for the binding and I felt it better enhanced the edges.  
 So, no matter what you do, remember... practice practice practice practice practice...

P/S - As for the title of the post - I have so far completed 5 quilts and I have 3 more baby quilts to complete. I pledge (read about my new year resolutions here) to complete 2 baby quilts and 2 single bed quilts by March - meaning I have surpassed my own expectation.. yippeee!!!

How about you..?? Able to check off any of the resolutions you've made at the beginning of the year yet?Pin It


MamaDaniel said...

betul la Ms Sue, since i'm new, i always worried about every little thing.. I remember my cikgu kat Cottage Patch pun cakap.. no need to cerewet sangat.. haha.. bukan cerewet, tp saya takut salah.. haha..

Hobby Mummy said...

sue... Yes ,practice makes perfect.

That was a lot of fun to see all of your projects. It's quite encouraging to look at those records of progress :)

My Botang said...

MamaDaniel - I agree, I worry over small stuff.. and at times biler worry sgt tu yg senang salah..uhuhuh but with time and experience, you will learn to relax and know in the end, it will be ok :D

Hobby Mummy - Thanks!! it means a lot coming from someone who has as much experience as you!! :D

Anita said...

Sue, I really enjoy visiting yr blog & I love yr work! I especially appreciate yr tips :-) BTW, i really like yr ABC Quilt - did u make yr own template for the alphabet? I wld like to get my hands on the template and was wondering if i can just buy 'em or hv to make 'em. Keep up the GREAT work!

My Botang said...

Anita dear - Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot coming from someone with so much experience and talents *hugs*
As for the alphabet template, I made them myself..


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