Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is how I do it - Travel sewing case

This is how I made my travel sewing case (blogged here).

First - Preparing the top
First I chose among my fabric scraps a stack of similar sized squares (scraps from making bags' corners)

Rearrange the squares until you are happy with the combination

Patch the squares to form strips, cut excess

Iron the seam open

You will now have a decent looking top

I used my recycled batting from here for the back

Quilt the top with the batting. I used walking foot (use the darning foot for free-motion quilting). Do not worry about producing perfect quilting. The end result is usually satisfactory.  Using lighter coloured threads when quilting produces similar results once completed but 'hides' any quilting errors you might make.  

Quilted top
Next - Inside piece
First decide how and what to include -
Since this is a travel sewing case, these are the features I want:
1. I want some extra pockets to carry different items i.e ribbons, laces, sticky notes, pens and seam ripper
2. I want to carry my threads in style - easily accessible and does not get tangled
3. I also need a small picushion and needle holder

Once you've measured and cut your pieces, arrange them on the base piece. Sew the pockets, pincusion, felt needle holder and button.

I attached a small elastic band on the inside of the main pocket to create gather

Sew around the top piece and inside piece with back facing. Trim excess and clip corners 

 Attach loops or elastic band for closure before binding the case using lace or bias tape.  
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MisFyd said...

Nice! Would like one as my makeup pouch (^0^). Sewing machine hoshiii naaa....Don't hv a sewing machine now...sob sob....

Zura said...

great tute sue! looks pretty easy, i just have to have that walking foot. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

heart that quilt top!

Ajzie said...

salam ziarah dari saya..
sgt cuteeeee idea2 awak nih...

My Botang said...

MisFyd - Thx! Aisey x bawak balik mesin jahit from nihon?? motto yasui deshou?? nak i kirim for you??

Zura - Thx Zura, hope you get the walking foot soon, it does makes quilting neater and less stressful.

My Botang said...

dancing bobbins & Ajzie - Thx for stopping by.

Idayu said...

cantiknya bhgian top tuh, buat purse pon ok kn?

color me pretty said...

wahhh you're so one rajin girl !!! i dont know when im goin to be so that rajin to do that hehehe absolutely thumbs up! great work !!!

Danial Dash dan Eva said...

hi , this is a great site and i love it to bits! :D

My Botang said...

Hey, thanks :D

Anonymous said...

hi babe,nak tanya, kalau mesin jht takde walking foot tu cm mna ye?boleh mntk ajar?

MyBotanG said...

adrenalin - you can either buy the walking foot separately (find the one yg sesuai with your machine model kay) or use the normal foot to do the quilting, but your batting is thick, the chances to the back puckering is high.. cause kain atas ngan bawah not being pulled together (that's the function of walking foot)
hope that helped..


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