Wednesday, December 9, 2009

KOKKA loveliness

As promised, here is a picture of yet another bento bag with cover made out of Trefle by Kokka fabric, the cover and handles were made from fabric I got from IKEA in the 'as it is' corner.
I also have in my stash another Trefle by Kokka print as pictured below. This print makes me want to drink TEA *smile* It is so kitchen-y and homey..

I've made 6 placemats with matching coasters (not pictured) and combined the Trefle print with some sweet peach coloured Japanese cotton. I'm planning to make some other kitchen-y sweetness with the remaining fabric.

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Zura said...

drooling again here...gorgeous!! it's rather quirky how the prints are like terbalik cam mirror image and pusing kot mana pun still camtu kan? cuteness!

My Botang said...

It makes cutting the fabric a whole lot easier, I guess. Which Kokka collection do you like best??

Sharifah said...

cantikkk n cute la fabric2 u nih.. bertuah yer dapat dok jepun .. :)

My Botang said...

Thanks.. and the price is quite reasonable here.. :D


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