Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitty ちゃん wall hanging

This is a commisioned completed for a friend in the UK.
Awhile back I did this for her.
She sent me the Kitty fabric which I used for the centre and used small polka dot fabric for the borders and loops. I backed it up with plain white muslin.
I used the free quilting technique and traced Kitty's outlines and the design on the fabric.
I used scallop stitch for the borders.

Kitty ちゃん wall hanging - back view
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d u r a said...

kitty is such a cutie..

love this wall hanging!

My Botang said...

Thx Dura, though personally i wouldn't have bought that Kitty fabric.. mmg nampak beza between yg original Kitty and immitation (although she bought it from UK), kainnyer pun panas.. :(

lia said...

I love Hello Kitty!!!ngee..

My Botang said...

hi Lia.. lama tak nampak.. :D


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