Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrating MOM

As we approach Mother's Day, take time to thank anybody who has been a mother figure in your life.. THANK YOU!!
...and be grateful for a chance to be a MOTHER..
...and remember those who wants to but is yet to be blessed with their own, or never gets the chance to be one..

Head over to Dana and Disney who are celebrating MOM

In the spirit of the celebration, I made a matching apron and oven mitt. I originally made this apron as a two-way (see it here) but this time around, I braved myself to not add lining to the apron. I also tried making ruffles and it did turned out rather well in the end after buckets of sweat and a week of labour. 
 Please excuse the dimmed and poor pic of me trying to pose with the new apron. As I have left my manly-mannequin behind in our old town (which I now realise was a bad move) I am now mannequin-less..*sad*
 I had a wonderful time working on this oven mitt pattern. I bought one with similar pattern from 100yen shop and traced out the pattern. The outcome was rather satisfactory and I have since made 2 of these *grin* 
 I think this type of oven mitt with the thumb placement in front is better and more practical than the common thumb-at-side style. Which do you prefer?
Do you have any crafting ideas for Mother's Day??Pin It


Malaysia said...

love the curve shape apron, so feminine.

Malaysia said...

Happy mother's day to you too. Hope to see you and your daughter crafting together in near future.

Zura said...

Beautiful apron! So girly, perfect for that active, sensational mom! :) I'm still thinking of what to make for my mom...hmm..perhaps a pillow kot.. :D

Maya said...

olololo... comel betul apron nih!

My Botang said...

Jess - Thanks!! I love feminine aprons, makes being in the kitchen more delightful :D It's 5 day public holiday here in Japan (Gelden week), am planning some activities to do with my girl..

Zura - How sweet, a pillow for mom.. hope to see it once you've made it..

Maya - Thx!!


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