Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Quilt and Free Motion Quilting

Previously, I've made a couple of similar projects (here and here) using the Love U panel by Deb Strain. However, I've always tried to make each and every quilt different and unique. After all that's what handmade is all about right?? 
I've used Happy Campers plaid brown borders for this quilt  
You might not be able to really scrutinize it from the pic above, but the pic of the back below will reveal the stitches better. Though I've done free quilting motion before (Alphabet quilt), working with this panel, I've always stick to free quilting the existing pattern on the panels.

However, I'm happy to report that this time around, I've added some flowers and clouds here and there.. My biggest problem is I'm too cautious and dare not use contrasting thread to make the stitches stand.. Any suggestions on how to overcome this..? May be I should practice more on some scrap projects?? *sigh*
I binded the quilt with my handmade tape made from scrap fabric

June is here. Are you celebrating anything this month..?
*We are looking forward to my Hubby's bday, Father's day and our 10th Wedding Anniversary.. more on that next time!!*Pin It


Anasfadilah said...

will be celebrating my 27th birthday,InsyaAllah this June..teehehehe

Rozi Rahman said...

I like... lama dah tak quilt... stick to quick projects pasal takut terbengkalai. Anyway, Happy Anniversary! 10 tahun dah ye... hmmm here’s for many more years :)

MyBotanG said...

Dila - Happy 27th Birthday!! (I stop counting after my 27th Bday..hehehe)

Rozi - Quilting relaxes me.. most of the time that is.. lately the stiches have been uneven and the thread tension haywired.. maybe it's time to get the machine serviced?? uhuhuh
Thanks for the wish.. praying for happy and lasting marriage.. Amiin..

time to enjoy said...

enjoy tengok blog suzie

MyBotanG said...

Thank you.. maybe it's a typo but I'm Sue.. :)


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