Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Refashion on Tuesday

What do you do with outgrown-still good and can be used children's clothes? I have bags and bags of such items. My daughter is growing like a bean sprout. She has outgrown most of her T-shirts and most of her trousers hang just above the ankle - Is Micheal Jackson look - ankle length trousers with white socks showing still in fashion?

I was rummaging through her outgrown clothes pile when I found this jeans with embroiderry on the side. She can still fit into it nicely so I decided to shorten it and add ruffles.

I always forget to take a before pictures, but it was a boot leg jeans. I cut about 8cm off and used some pretty ruffles I removed from her old baby dress which coincidentally also has some pretty embroiderry on them.  

I sacrificed one plainner 4T light pink shirt and used the parts to lengthen another 4T shirt that my girl adored but she hardly wore them because it had rather tight small sleeves.

Now, she has a pair of NEW-ly refashioned clothes that might last her till next summer.. fingers crossed. Off to rummage through the piles again..*sigh*
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