Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Celebrating the men in my life

March marks the birth of three important men in my life. 

My brother, my pillar, my strength
younger but seems way older

My dad, my idol and my hero, who even after 40 years of being married to the same woman still looks at her with love and admiration 
who still have so much to say to each other all the time..
My dad, who never fails to pay a compliment on what I'm wearing,
who by the end of every phone call, will tell me that he loves me, that it was nice hearing my voice..

My youngest 'man' - my ONLY nephew
How I miss not being there, to see him take his first step, to say his first word, to see him grow
to help him put on his shoes, to hug and kiss him

Any birthdays on your calender this month??

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Idayu said...

ala romantiknya pak cik sabir! suka sangattt..

soo kawaii la saif, in the third pic.

Sweetlilcraft said...

march..birthday of mine :)

My Botang said...

Idayu - hopefully our marriage pun biler dah menjankau usia sebegitu pun still romantic la hendaknyer.. gambar saif taken last year masa balik Mesia.. ni dah nak masuk 2 years old dah..uhuhuhu

Sweetlilcraft - Happy Birthday!!

mama nuriel said...

my birthday tooooo.....hehehe....

My Botang said...

mama nuriel - Happy Birthday to youuuu :D

Malaysia said...

nice and sweet post.

Hobby Mummy said...

May Allah bless them with happiness,love and success..Amin :)

Nuno Lady said...

sue.. I have to agree with you.. March is for men.. my hubby, my father, my father in law & my x-SV... 1 for all.. Happy birthhday to them (your bro, father and nephew).. We should make makan besar one fine day!! ;DD


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