Saturday, March 20, 2010

Table cloth ordeal

My first attempt at making table cloth for a 6 seater didn't go well.. *sigh* 
Let me tell you why..
a) I don't have a table that big to measure for size.. but then I saw Lia's 6 seater table cloth here, and I asked her for the size (which she gave, of course - thanks dearest!!*grin*)

b) Almost all the items I make are with linings.. I have NO idea how to finish the hem on a table cloth.. but I found Kak Dee's tutorial on how to here, and although it was very clear and easy to follow, I was reluctant, being used to lining everything, I thought 'hey why not line the table cloth as well..' 
c) ..and so I did line the table cloth, which was hell!! spreading 6 seater table cloth in the crammed living room of a Japanese apartment.. well..ehhmm NOT a good idea. I hardly had any room to move, but I survived the ordeal somehow.. 

d) after all that is said and done, I was feeling rather pleased with myself, and so I wanted to picture the said table cloth.. but again another problem, no table big enough to put it on!! So I hanged it on my girl's loft bed and this is the best I could manage..  

Some information about the materials I used for the table cloth -

Japanese cotton with sweet strawberry prints for the centre
Plain white cotton for lining 

Although the whole experience with space and hemming was disastrous, I find making table cloth quite fun. Nevertheless, I hope no one commisions me for another 6, 8 or 10 seater table cloth..*gulp*. I have however, taken another commision for a 4 seater table cloth though and I plan to try K.Dee's hemming style next.. Wish me luck!!  
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mama nuriel said...

gud luck sue.....:)

lia said...

hi sue,okla tu...cantik!sweet sgt corak strawberi kecik2 tu.ok tak saiz tu?mungkin kalau buat lagi satu lepas ni,dapat hasil yang lebih baik dan memuaskan hati,kan?

My Botang said...

Thanks for the support ladies!! will try my best!!


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