Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gifts from the heart

Since her rather successful first attempt at making this heart (read about her handmade heart here), my girl wanted to make more as gifts for her teachers and I was more than happy to assist her along the way.

We were heading to the immigration office for some official matters which is about 2 hours away, so I thought that was the perfect travelling time we needed to whip up 3 more hearts. I made all the preparation before the journey and got to use my travel sewing case for the first time (read about my sewing case here and find the tutorial here)
Heart 1 - for her class teacher

Heart 2 - for her piano teacher

Heart 3 - for her kumon teacher

I'm happy to report that we managed to complete sewing and stuffing 3 hearts by the end of our journey though not without fuss *sigh*  

What do you pack on long journeys..?? Are you able to read, sew, knit while travelling? 
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