Monday, March 22, 2010

Pattern Variation - Bento bag with cover

Fabric: Happy Channel by Cosmo

Have you ever worked with a pattern - be it a pattern for clothes, hats or bags and after a while created a variation of the original pattern? What made you do the alteration or create a variation of the original in the first place?
As for me, I think my bento bag original pattern (read more about my bento bags here) has seen many variations of them all, mainly because I received many requests for bento bags with handles from my customers. One of the variation is my bento bag with cover.
The changes I've made to this version are:
a) added handles
b) added a cover with drawstring
c) removed inside lining
Made any alterations lately??
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Bea said...

Your bento bags are so cute! So inside memang takde lining la?
I usually add more pockets or zipper to the original bag pattern that I'm making. Sometimes I just change the length of the handles.

lia said...

alahai,comelnye!!!eee,geram lah tengok especially yg oren tu,ada bird..:)

mama nuriel said...

i like....nak cuba buat jugalah...:)

My Botang said...

Bea - this is the only version without lining inside (so much faster to make) :D

lia & mama nuriel - thanks, it's very easy to make.. :D

Diesha said...

waaa cantikknya....senang yer...sweetnya kain2 tu... :)

mama nuriel said...

huhuhu....semangat nak buat....tapi macam blur2....sue....u buatkan tutorial lah...:)

color me pretty said...

i love the first bag, so cute!!!


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