Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love U in pink - wall hanging

How was your weekend? This weekend like the past few weekends have been rather tiring and stressful for my family and I. My husband has accepeted a job offer in Kyoto recently, which is about 8 hours drive from our current location. I am happy and rather excited of a prospect of residing in a city which have such historic value and culture, but as the excitement settles, the reality surface.. searching for suitable home, school, packing and uprooting our family and moving doesn't sound very exciting after a while.. all that is left is headache and more headache.. *sigh*

In the meantime, I finished this little wall hanging recently. You might remember my purchase of Deb Strain LOVE U panel in green (blogged here) a while back. I found the same panel in pink in a bag of fabric scraps I bought from Tokyo the last time I was there and I figured a simple wall-hanging would be nice.    

I used a pink polka dot gauze fabric for the back and loops and pink polka dot cotton for the binding.

Hope you had a stress-free weekend and ready to face the challenges of the coming week..Pin It


Zura said...

Simply stunning sue! Gosh you're really, really good, suka tengok all your quilts!

My Botang said...

I can't really take full credit for the cuteness as the fabric was already superb and easy to work with.. :D Thx Zura!!


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