Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sisterly LOVE

Did I tell you I have a sister?? Well I do, she's 5 years younger than me and now is expecting her second baby (delivery date 2nd April 2010). I love my sister, she's a lot like me and we get along superbly.. most of the time at least..heheh

My sis and I, taken March 09

As the best big sister that I am *grin* I managed to finish the baby quilt and baby crib bumper for my sister's baby in the nick of time.. My mom made the pillow covers and bed sheet covers using the same fabric I sent her earlier.
You can read more about the fabric and projects I plan to make with the panel here.
I used plain white cotton for the back

I sewed lace all around and binded the quilt with polkadot green fabric  

As for the crib bumper, I cut the alphabets out - to be used for another project and used only the centre panel (4 panels all together). Since my quilt batting is rather thin, I double layered the batting for the crib bumper for added cushion.

How about you? Ever made anything for your family members?

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Haslina said...

hi there. I have the same panel but have not made anything with it. In fact I have both panels, in green and pink. Still thinking what to do with them. Love your work.

mama nuriel said...

i like....:)

Nuno Lady said...

I always make baju kedah for my grandma. How I envy your sister. All of them are cute. Why you choose green and yellow instead of pink Sue?

My Botang said...

Haslina - Thanks for stopping by, wished I knew your blog address, so I could stop by yours as well..
Aren't the Love U panels the sweetest :D hope you decide what to make out of them soon..

mama nuriel - tengkiu :D

Nuno Lady - I remember the sweet baju kedah you made for your grandma.. very lucky ladies indeed to have such talented granddaughter..
My sis and I did discuss about pink and I went to Nippori with every intention of purchasing PINK fabric for the baby nursery this time around (since we were banned from even mentioning PINK the first time with Saif *roll eyes*), but I fell in love instantly with the Love U panel and only green was available.. :D trus beli tak ingat dunia..hehehe

d u r a said...

my only sis is just one year older than me.
and i'm the one yg kena jahit utk dia(hehe, she likes to bully me).

btw, love the baby quilt!

Zura said...

You girls are beautiful! :)
I made baby quilt for sis in law...a tote bag for my sis. We're really close too, but she's the better sewist, it's just that I'm blogging about my sewing and she's not hehe

gunturina said...

u two look so much alike..

My older sister is 11 years older than me while my adopted young sister is 11 years younger than me!

Just stopping by to say i love all ur works!

My Botang said...

Dura - ok la tu.. you get to keep her stuff, so when you sew for her, then you're even.. my sis takes all my stuff and on top of that i have to sew for her.. so not fair..!!grrr

Zura - Thx!! tu lepas makan nasik kandaq kat penang - all oily and hot..hehehe
how wonderful to have similar hobbies, I bet when you and your sis meet you have loads to talk about..

gunturina - we get that a lot, but in reality I'm much preetier *GRIN*
Wow!! such a big age gap between you and your sisters.. I used to feel 5 years was a big gap but now that we are both mothers, it doesnt feel that way anymore..
Thanks for liking my humble handmade items :D

niza said... sgt trtarik dgn hasil quilt awk...cantik2 sgt....blh tau awk guna mesin jahit apa? :-)

MyBotanG said...

niza - I use Janome for all my quilting, I also have a Singer and an old Brother. Checkout my page for more updated projects and updates:


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