Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blunt scissors...arrrgggghhh!!!

Among the worst thing that can happen to a sewist..having non-working scissors around the house.. don't you just hate it when that happens. Imagine being all eager and ready to cut your fabric to make something oh so fabulous and WHAM!!!! blunt scissors.. yikes!!! I was at witts end and ready to sucumb and throw out my ol scissors (present from my mom 6 years ago bought from Costway) when I stumbled upon this lovely tutorial about scissors sharpenning by the talented Tini (read about the tutorial here). Though  sceptical, at this point I had nothing to lose and so I gave it a try.. and walllaaaaa.. it worked!! so I gathered other blunt scissors of various sizes and got to work.. Thought I'd show you what I did following Tini's steps..

Gather all your blunt scissors and get a glass bottle, as you can see I got two..just in case, I had this notion that I might break the glass or something.. but let me assure you, the whole process doesn't harm or leave a mark on the glass..

Attempt to cut the bottle *grin* (meaning put slight preasure and move forward and backward a couple of times) repeat few times as neccessary. 

It even worked on my petit thread scissors.
The scissors feel a bit stiff after the sharpenning process, I have this idea that the particles/residue from the glass got stuck to the blades.. but scientifically I have no clue. But it works and I hope to add another 6 years to my ol scissors life span *grin*

Full credit to Tinihani for the great tutorial *HUGS*Pin It


Malaysia said...

great tips

TiniHani said...

heheheh skeptical but proven right kan... lepas ni tak payah beli gunting banyak-banyak lagi :)

Zura said...

hah first time i baca ni! wah boleh cuba! i have one really hopeless tapi sayang nak buang. thanks for the tip sue! :)

lady zaini said...

Salamz ziarah dari blog ayu :) suka baca blog nih sebab suka tengok crafts n gambar2 :)

p/s: penah dengar petua nih tapi tak berani cuba sendir, bolehla try lepas nih..

My Botang said...

it really does work.. give it a go.. a useful trick to know for any sewist, hopefully no more hours searching for that perfect scissors.. Thanks to TINI for featuring the tutorial.

lady zaini - thx for stopping by..

a.niza said...

nanti nak try kat gunting dapur kids scissors mostlybecame blunt all the time and most of the time, I just tighten the screw thing.

stormdnczr said...

Sue, cikgu saya dulu bagi tips, klo untuk gunting kain, khaskan untuk kain jer...jangan campur2 untuk gunting kertas or others.. it will preserves your scissors lebey lama lagi... mine ada yg dah 20 tahun masih tajam lagi tapi dah pernah skali asah dgn batu asah pisau tu la :p nak try asah gunting dapur pakai cara nih pulak... hehehehe


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