Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dreaming of Spring

Sadly NO, NIL, NONE, ZERO bloomed sakura to be spotted in our area yet.. and it seemed that I might miss the bloom this year. 'What's the big deal about sakura??' I hear you ask.. I can't answer for everyone else, but to me sakura bloom marks THE END of looooonnnnnnng harsh winter and the arrival of warm breeze. It marks the beginning of life and spring wardrobe (you should see the dull winter colours - grey, black, err did mention grey and the material type - all woolly and heavy *sigh*). So, since I'm yearning for sakura, let me show you some sakura pics from previous years taken by me around our small town.   
Sakura trees in full bloom along the river banks

Viewing sakura - Hanami (in Japanese) on weekends

Hanami - Malaysian style
Sakura trees

Happy Spring!!
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mama nuriel said...

cantik nye.....klu kat korea ada yang sama pemandangan tak???

liyana said...

T_T cry hard.... cantek nyer~~~

DiahRothman said...

Quite a big Malaysians family around you... and lovely Sakura seen from here....

Sharifah said...

cantikkkk putih suci jek

Nuno Lady said...

arghhh.. sue.. zutto wasurarenai.. hanami memang best... bagaikan di syurga... sadly to say I missed sakura mankai this year :((((

lia said...

cantikkknya bunga sakura!!! bila la nak sampai kt sana...huhu

Malaysia said...

curry chicken and fried mihun hanami?

My Botang said...

mama nuriel - maybe ada jugak kot similar scenes kat Korea (sadly x penah sampai Korea cannot say for sure)

liyana - jangan la cry, nnt i freeze some sakura petals for you.. :D jadik tak plan nak dtg??

KakD - our old town (nagaoka in Niigata) mmg perkampungan Melayu..100 lebih jugak la.. but starting this year dah mula kurang.. ramai balik and x ramai yg dtg..

Malaysia - :D it's kimuchi nabe with noodles.. lebih kurang curry and meehoon la tu.. hehehe


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