Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea-time menu - pancake balls with strawberries

Since my last food post about rice gratin (read about it here) was rather a hit, I thought you'd forgive me if I'd posted another entry about something so easy to whip that-even-your-8-year-old-could-manage (I'm serious!!) yet sooo YUMM!! 

Now that the weather is warmer, and the kitchen is not below freezing, being in it is rather pleasant, and thus Sofea and I have been enjoying our mother-daughter time making pancake balls for tea.   
I use instant pancake flour bought from Costco (4.53kg!! and I have another unopen pack on my pantry *roll eyes*). I love this batter as you only need to add water and mix unlike other packets I used to buy, where you need to add egg and milk.  
This is actually tako-yaki mould (find out more about tako-yaki), you could use any other moulds as well. Spoon the batter into the mould, use tooth-pick to turn the ball once it browns.
The good thing about this mould is that it doesn't stick and you do not need to use oil to lubricate and I got it for only 500yen (about RM20) on sale *grin* 
They are yummy with strawberries and condensed milk.. or you can eat them with honey or maple syrup.
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Azaidris said...

Macam kaya ball yg jual kat msia la. But ur version looks much much tastier esp strawberries tu(i don't like kaya btw ;)

Hv yet to hv special mami-sons moment. 3 sons, 3 different stages, belum jumpa middle point lagi....One day hopefully..when the time comes..

Malaysia said...

sue, see my blog for mother-daughter activities.

Malaysia said...

very creative, love the bite size pancakes.

mama nuriel said...

look delicious.......i like...;)

Idayu said...

waaa kak sue, pas nih bole wat food blog plak..he3x

My Botang said...

thanks ladies for your sweet comments :D

Jess - love the stuff you make for/with your kids..

Malaysia said...

I like this bite size pancake.

cikyah75 said...

Sue, this is kak shah. i wonder if i could get you to buy me the takoyaki mould? Have been looking for it for so long! Please reply ya. Thanks adik.


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