Sunday, April 4, 2010

Table Cloth Take II

About 2 weeks ago I lamented the ordeal I faced while making my first table cloth (if you missed it, you can read about it here). This weekend I braved myself to make another, this time a 4 seater table cloth commisioned by another friend, and guess what.. it turned out SUPERBLY *grin* I used Kokka Trefle for the centre and Happy Campers Plaid Blue for the border.   

View of the back, as you can see I didn't sew lining this time around (as I shouldn't have with the first table cloth either *sigh*), I also in my own version mitered the corners (kinda following K.Dee's tutorial here

All in all, a rather satisfying project. I am definitely less freaked out about lininng-less projects.. ehemm.. maybe I need to get a serger next *grin* How was your weekend?? Pin It

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