Friday, April 30, 2010


I'd like to show you this yummy print in my collection..
CO CO CHI E-Style is a Japanese fabric collection designed by Kokka. Unique in design, this tree landscape fabric with deer and birds is printed on a lovely medium weight fabric and is well suited to home decor projects such as cushions, lampshades, wall art and even upholstery.
Basecloth - 100% cotton
Fabric Weight - Medium
Fabric Width - 110cm
Colour - Pink and brown on eggplant
Motif Size - Trees are approx 6.5cm tall. Deer are 2 to 2.5cm wide.
Repeat Trees run horizontally down fabric length.

It is also available in these shades:

Aren't they all just yummy!! Have a lovely weekend everyone.. It's Golden week holidays here in Japan, meaning we have 5 days off starting tomorrow..Pin It


mama nuriel said...

sue....chantek la sue........nak.....;p

she said...

cantik nya fabric...

Zura said...

so drooling over here...oh i've got the itch again! :D

love fabrics said...

Su, blh kirim x? cun sgt!

My Botang said...

Thanks ladies.. mmg sangat la nice nyer this faby.. :D

love fabrics- at the moment x leh la.. no plans to go fabric hunting.. you can get them online - etsy is the best place i guess..

hoyoyi said...

i love the pink and grey...!!!!


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