Thursday, April 22, 2010

NUTS about thread

How much thread do you have in your sewing room..?? Do you think I've gone overborad if I have this much.. *giggles nervously*

I just hate the idea of being out of THAT particular thread in the middle of my sewing.. and besides I might just need THAT particular shade sometime soon.. ehem..

Tell me I'm not alone in this obsession.. 

So, how do you store all those threads, I hear you ask.. well I shade code them and put them in ziplock bags..
How do you store them?
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BoeyJoey said...

Gosh, so many... and many still unopened too! I only have about 20 spools of thread with me... that's it! Ummm... I do that with fabric, i mean buying when I "forsee" that I'll need it someday ;-).

a.niza said...

huish! kalah tailor nih! LOL...i buy as I go...mostly habis baru ganti. but i keep the empty spools as I don't know as what ?!?!?...sampah kot LOL

Anonymous said...

sy byk benang sulam...susah nk simpan sbb benang ni selalu guna laci bertingkat yg kecik2 tu utk simpan semua koleksi pisahkan benang tu ikut warna asas..merah,biru,hijau,kuning & warna neutral cam hitam,putih,kelabu,krim dsb...satu tingkat bg satu warna...cth..- pink,maroon dsb..termasuk kategori merah..cuba tgk kt blog sy...ada gambar bilik jahit...cuma laci tu dh bertambah ...:)


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