Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 Scrap Fabric Bags up for grab

The title sounds like a tongue twister.. try saying it faster.. three scrap fabric bags up for grab *GRIN*

3 Scrap Bags each contains various prints - designer fabric, japanese conttons, linen blend. The scraps comes in various sizes but some are big enough for pouches and some could be used in patchwork projects

Weight: about 150gm ~ 200gm
Price: RM20 each bag
 Postage: FOC to Malaysia
*will start mailing from mid-July onwards*

1. Code name: SB1
SOLD to azaidris
1. Back view of SB1

2. Code name: SB2 
SOLD to Yan
2. Back view of SB2

3. Code name: SB3
SOLD to Ariza Craft
3. Back view of SB3

1. Leave a comment with the code name.
2. Please include your e-mail address.
3. I'll send you an e-mail with further information about payment and shipping.

Would anybody be interested in smaller peices scrap fabrics mainly for patchwork or covered button projects..? any colour preference or mixed colours in one bag?

I have loads more stuff to upload..
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Yan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azaidris said...

SB1 please. thanks!

Azaidris said...

Ariza Craft said...

nk SB3.


Zura said...

OH NO!! I missed them all! Memang hampeh I ni selalu jek terlepas! :( Sue, dah takdek ke that Kokka...hhuhu dah lama mengidam nak sampai bulan dah nie... :)

MyBotanG said...

Thanks to Yan, Naza and Ariza Craft for the super quick grab :D

Zura - you mean the one with the girl tu ker..?? will dig my stash, if size FQ nak tak..?

mis said...

uikk.. dh sold out ka?? :(
naaaakkkk.. xde lg ke?

Sharifah said...

sue.... ade lg ke.. pah pon nk la.. takpernah ade designer fabric :( huhuh teringin gak ... anything will do sue..


rimbun said...

alaaa.. kat sini pon dah abih huhu.. dah ler kucewa ngan BB2 yg cun tuh.. nak kena buka dtg selalu kat sini niii

Bubbles said...

hi there,
do you by any chance have anymore fabric scraps for sale?


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