Sunday, June 20, 2010

Winner, Giveaway and Sale!!

Thanks all for participating in my guessing game *grin* (here). Only 2 people guessed my favourite correctly (Idayu and Norem) and Ayu was the first person to get it right, so Ayu dear, I'll be sending a quilted bag along your way soon.

*I've always been attracted to anything with yellow in it*

You might be wondering what with the Giveaway and Sale in the title.. well, I'll be coming back to Malaysia in mid-July for few weeks.. So I am planning to hold a small giveaway to mark the start of a SALE here on MyBotanG's blog.

The sale will include Japanese cotton, designer fabrics sold in meters/fat quarters/scrap fabrics, laces, buttons, rotary cutters, 2nd hand crafting books and more.. the best thing about it is that all items will be mailed free of charge from Malaysia from mid-July onwards.. 

Will update soon..

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a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

wahhh I cant wait ... brimg back more colorful plain linen cotton yaaa....!!!


a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

ehh jap.. wa kalah ehh.. telepathic msg tak sampai la tu ... eshh


norem said... instinct said that..u love yellow color. hope u bring doraemon fabric cotton...

Azaidris said...

Yayy...japanese fabrics. Yayy!!
Dang! yellow's your colour. Thought it was pink & red ;)
Congratulations to the winner!!!

MamaDaniel said...

ala... instinct saya tidak tepat lagi.. kehkehkeh.. sbb mata saya asyik nmpk purple cantik jer skrg nih... hehe

sales? teddy bear design ada x?

Idayu said... menang..tenkiu..tenkiu.ureshii!!

Malaysia said...

I am interested in those fabric. Please grap more fabrics from tomato before you return to Malaysia. Many thanks.

Ayu said...

wow...cant wait for tht sale in July...air liur dah meleleh dah ni

Tudung Al Imran said... fabrics, button..i am waiting!

d u r a said...

hooray for the sale! hope u can bring home fabric panels too ya.

rimbun said...

emmm rotary cutter is in the list... yeah


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