Thursday, June 24, 2010

OLFA Rotary Cutter

OLFA rotary cutter.
sizes: 28mm, 45mm and 60mm
FOC delivery to Malaysia
*will start mailing from mid-July onwards*

1. code name: O1
size: 28mm
Price: RM56

2. code name: O2
size: 45mm
Price: RM68

3. code name: O3
size: 45mm
Price: RM76

4. code name: O4
size: 60mm
Price: RM83

1. Leave a comment with the code name and the ammount you need.
2. Please include your e-mail address.
3. I'll send you an e-mail with further information about payment and shipping.

I have loads more stuff to upload..
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rimbun said...

Nak O3

my email:

rimbun said...

kalau u ada ruler n mat pon I nak...(sajer book awal2 kut2 ada kan)

Haslina said...

Su, I'd like one unit (1) of 03 (RM76). my email

Malaysia said...

I want o2

christinakartina said...

Olfa rotary cutter code name 01; Amt:1 piece
ada d sekalikan dgn blade x? plz respond asap
Kota kinabalu,sabah

rizwin7179 said...


masih valid lagi ke utk nak order cutter...

kalau masih boleh saya nak juga code O3 RM76. sori, nk tnya ada ruler omnigrid tak?

emel saya:

ainie said...

i want item 02 x 1,

Wen said...

hi, do u still have code 03?

stormdnczr said...

Salam, Sue, saya tgh cari rotary cutter nih.. tapi not sure which one to get. your recomendations? yg 03 tu camner nak guna yek?

Sifasu said...

hye... still available for this stock??

reply me

blackcat said...

hi, good day to u.
Possible to get me one 03 (size 45mm)?
my email:

MyBotanG said...

Rotary Cutter restock -

Nik kamisah said...

i nak 0lfa cutter 04

Arami Fayadh said...

Salam. Mat ada jual tak? berapa kalau ade? tq

dapur-maktue said...

Cutter 03 ada lg? how abtquilt me

dapur-maktue said...

Cutter 03 ada lg? how abtquilt me

dapur-maktue said...

Cutter 03 ada lg? how abtquilt me

Marlin said...

Hi,there. All the cutters above ada stock bau ker? if have...can u email me at TQ dear.



Nk tanyet still ade stock ke for cutter and mat? Email to

Junior Fabian said...

Is this item still available? I would also like a mat and a clear ruler. Plese email me at

hanim esham said...

hi! cutter no. 03 masih available? kindly email me: hanim.esham@gmail. thanks!

All4myluxury Arts said...

nak yg rm 83...available lg tak...please email

ct al yan said...

Rotary cutter nie ade jual lg x....

Syaza Hanafi said...

Salam sis..Code Name 03 available lagi x..kalau ada email me the details ya.. Thanks..!!

ummunaufal elhayat said...

assalam..code 03 still available lg x? email sy plsss.. TQ :)


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