Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crib Bumper

Search on crib bumper on the net gives you articles on the danger of using crib bumper (here and here) and how the danger outweighs the benefits. The main reasons they suggest parents buy crib bumper are - to increase safety of their crib, worries of bumps and bruises if the baby hit the slats and cute matching bedding set that makes for a nice coordinated nursery.

However, comments from parents (found here) suggest that most of them left the crib bumper on due to many reasons, some said it helped their babies sleep better, while others said the crib bumper avoided their babies from getting bruised from hitting their head, arms or legs on the slats. 

What are your reasons to either use or remove the crib bumper? I left the crib bumper in my girl's crib until she moved to a toddler bed when she was about 2 years old. I made sure to knot the ties on the bumpers so it could not be easily removed. Furthermore, she used to push herself until the corner of the crib at nights (I suppose that was her fav sleeping spot), so the bumper provided protection to her head.  

I made another crib bumper for a friend's baby last week (read about the crib bumper for my sis's lil girl here) I loveeee how this fabric from Ikea turned out.. *grin*
Size: 380cm x 21cm (custom made to fit her crib)
My only dismay is the ties :( I just have no patience to sew thin ties, so I decided to go with ribbon instead. But the crib bumper would have been perfect with mathing cotton ties.. uhuhuh *sigh*
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lia said...

cantik fabrik dari ikea tu..ceria!saya tak ada pengalaman gunakan crib bumper ni.so tak tahu pro n kontranya.baby tido kat atas tilam kat bawah je.sebab malam2 senang nak breastfeeding..

Malaysia said...

Kawaii, I use the same fabric to make skirts for my girl.

Zura said...

Comel! I pun anak jenis tido tegolek atas tilam kat bawah je huhu...konfem next baby kena pakai crib coz nak jait crib bumper comel, buleh? erkkk...did i just say "next baby"?? *pengsan* :D

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Crib bumper size adult tak ada kah ...??? hahahahahaha

but seriously this is so cute !!! tak bimbang kan kalau anak jatuh atas crib bumper yang cantik dan comel .. kalau tak comel boleh risau lebih

MyBotanG said...

lia - mmg lebih ceria kain Ikea tu once dah siap.. :D

Jess - Amanda must relly adore that skirt.. the print is soo kawaiii :D

Zura - 'next' baby bleh la jait crib bumper chumel-2.. (I pun lately ada sikit miang ke-arah nak ber-baby lagi..*double pengsan jugak*)

aniQue - hohoho bleh jugak tempah crib & crib bumper special for you..or i think kita lilit jek crib bumper on you.. :D

Nomaliza Azman said...

Hey, macam kenal aje fabrik tu.... :) Maca my organizer...cute kan the fabrik...? Well, other than the unmatching ribbons haha...the crib bumper is very nice made...well done! You should opt for plain ribbon instead...white, green or any other colors thats on the fabric...

MyBotanG said...

Liza iro-iro - thx for the tips.. will keep that in mind for next time


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