Friday, June 25, 2010

More scrap fabric bags for grab

2 Scrap Bags each contains various prints - designer fabric, japanese cottons. The scraps come in various sizes but some are big enough for pouches and some could be used in patchwork projects
Weight: about 125gm ~ 150gm 
Price: RM20 each bag
Postage: FOC to Malaysia
*will start mailing from mid-July onwards*

1. code name: SB4
SOLD to Ayu
SB4 back view

2. code name: SB5
SOLD to me-czar
SB5 back view

1. Leave a comment with the code name.

2. Please include your e-mail address.
3. I'll send you an e-mail with further information about payment and shipping.

*Next upload of Fat eigth at 2p.m Malaysia time. Pin It


me_czar said...

Hi, saya nak SB5.

Yan said...

oh noooo! the Matroyshka & lil red riding hooooodddd....

Sweetlilcraft said...

mcmana boleh tak perasan..byk dah terlepas. Yg ni nak SB4 tu ye.

ni email ayu:

d u r a said...

oohhhh nooo..terlepas lagiii... kalau ada scraps pack lagi pleaseeee i nak la sue..

MyBotanG said...

Thanks to me-czar and Ayu.
Dura - Kokka dah tak de.. if ada most probably Japanese cotton /moda scraps.. nak ker..?

d u r a said...


Azura said...

salam.... ada lagi ke scrap pack ni. kalau ada saya nak . tak kisah ape2pun boleh... please.....

kalau ada email kat saya ye


MyBotanG said...

Azura - will msg you if ada scrap bags lagi kay. thx


salam lg x fabric scrap..nk jugakk..


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