Friday, June 4, 2010

Coin purse

I always look forward to easy-no stress-scrap projects mainly because I'm not making anything for others, I get to try something new and if it doesn't work out, I can always chuck it back deep into the scrap bags *grin*
I made 4 quilted coin purse totally out of scraps, even the zippers were remnants from my other projects. It was fun and easy and they did turn out rather cute.. heheh
I recommend to those wanting to practice quilting on a small scale to try making something like this or pot holders.
The purses are fully lined with no seams showing

Have you any quick and stress-free projects up your sleeves??  

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* mis * said...

cute laa! ^_^

Hobby Mummy said...

sue..Those are lovely! Cute, easy and practical.

P/s-Now in love with Japanese Magazine Tiny Patchworks.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

always fun n easy for you .... how come its difficult and tricky for me ...? (hahahaha ada hati nak banding dgn orang yg dah menjahit bebelas tahun dgn diri sendiri yg baru 3 bulan)


MyBotanG said...

mis - tengkiu :D

Hobby Mummy - Thanks for your kind words.. it means a lot coming from a sifu like you..
Haven't noticed that mag before, will try to locate them next time i'm in a bookstore.

aniQue - give it time.. it will get easier.. when i started (about a year ago) it took me ages to complete something simple and lots of reaping and cursing and tantrum.. uhuhuh but with practise it will get simpler, funner and easier.. i promise *grin*

Emy Ahmad said...

woww to the usual,turned out really well T__T

lady zaini said...

kawaii~ rajinnya sampai 4 sekaligus siap.

Malaysia said...

wow, you called this stree free project? To me, sewing the zip is a challenge. Are these for give away, he.. he..?

MyBotanG said...

Emy - thanks!! it was a good day..

lady zaini - thanks for coming over :D how' the lil one? alang-2 membuat kan.. kalau satu tu mcm kesian jek.. hehehe

Jess - I know what you mean about ZIP.. I used to avoid any projects with zippers.. but there would come a time, when you would feel less and less frustrated with zippers.. you want one..?


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