Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It was definitely a good Saturday..

It was definitely a good Saturday..
I was able to sew another WittleWabbit (see my first one here, tutorial here)
I used knit fabric instead of cotton
The ears were attached properly this time
(unlike the first wittle wabbit with lopsided ears) 

I wonder how people get perfect rounded curves on their stuffed toys.. *sigh* 
Is it the stuffing..? *sigh*
Or does the secret lies in the stitches..?? *sigh*
Care to offer some light..??

All in all, it was still a great Saturday..Pin It


Zura said...

Comelnya!! Hmm...rounded curves especially on very tiny projects are my pet peeves too! tak pernahnya nak perfect, but if the end result is still cute, consider it one successful project just like that wittle wabbit of yours! :)

The petals Patcher said...

wahhh....chomel......kalau warna pink pun comelkan...

Hobby Mummy said...


trim the curved seams by making small V cuts in the seam allowance, once turned inside out this should reduce any bumps around the edges.(tips from the net...so far so good :))

MyBotanG said...

Zura - thanks for the encouragement..

the petal patcher - i agree..pink would have been cuter..but green jek kain knit yg ada..

Hobby Mummy - cheers for the tip, will give it a try next time..

Malaysia said...

Sue, this little bunny match perfectly with your green sewing machine. It keep you accompany when you do your sewing.


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