Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hobo bag - needs a name

I've made this hobo bag recently. I was sceptical with the one handle idea at first, but surprisingly it's very comfortable and sits perfectly on my shoulder.

Here's the specifications:

- Rounded at the base with pleats
- Spacious size: 44cm (at the widest) x 32cm
- 1 inside pocket
- 1 x 50 cm handle
- Magnetic snap button for closure
- Outside fabric - cotton linnen blend
- Lining fabric - soft Japanese cotton

The thing is, I like to name my bags, but at the moment this hobo bag is name-less :(
Would you all be kind enough to suggest some names for this lil one??
I'm aiming for something short, sweet and simple. 
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MommyAdam said...

stumbled upon your blog and found it inspiring! keep sewing k..

My Botang said...

Hye, thanks for stopping by. come back soon :D

Zura said...

comel lah sue! love the rounded bottom. how about Oshin Tote? Or Sakura? Or Edameme? Lol...mesti nak bunyi Jepun gak hehe

Nuno Lady said...

agree.. one handle is more comfy!!
Name?? How about HITO=one(refer to one handle??).. like Hitori/Hitotsu=single/one? :DD

My Botang said...

Thanks Zura and Fit for the name suggestions *hugs*

Anonymous said...

hm.. how about 'never full'? It means you can put lots of stuff in it.

R a S h i D a H said...

hai..nak tanye,beg ni cane nak buat?leh bg tak care2 die..teringin nak buat utk mak..=)

My Botang said...

thanks to everybody who suggested names to this hobo bag - i decided to name it Hippo Hobo - it rhymes and it's kinda big and round :D

Rashidah - thx for your interest, i got the pattern from a Japanese craft book. you might be able to find similar patterns in patterns books in Malaysia. Sorry cant be of much help.


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